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Got my cartilage double pierced today ❤️

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Hope you like it


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Literally why are my boobs growing I’m 19 shouldn’t they be done

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when your parents ask you to help them with technology


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you should really make a punk edit tutorial with steps (please and thank you)

I have that quick video I made a long time ago, but I can do steps if people really want me to

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I need that album, and your number
Slight smut whoops.

I grazed the isles of the shelves for the new 5seconds of summer CD but I seemed to have no luck. “Fuck where is it?” I mumbled to be surprised when a tall blonde boy with a black lip ring answer me- “what can I help you with?” He smirked causing the lip ring to stick out being more noticeable. I bit my lip trying not to jump the poor kid right then and there and I managed to collect myself and say “the new 5seconds of summer album, it was supposed to come out two days ago, did you sell out?” He just laughed and shook his head “what’s with all these hot girls wanting this cd? But we did but I can go check in the back real quick if you’re willing to give me your number..” This 6ft tall bad boy just blushed at his own attempt to get me number, if anyone should be blushing it’s me! I jut simple nodded and he went on his way to the back of the store. Later to return with the very last copy. “Oh my god-” I looked to his name tag “luke, thank you so much, I’ve waited for this album for like years!” Before I knew anything, I was being pulled into the store age room doors and I felt a pair of lips attacking my neck, with the coldness of a metal lip ring.Luke had me pinned up against a pile of boxes as his lips assaulted my neck and he slid my shirt over my head tossing it to the ground, he trailed kisses down my neck to my collarbones, he nipped and sucked making visible bruises for everyone to see, my hair flew to his hair as he nipped I moaned and tugged on his hair causing his breathing to get heavier. My hands went to lift off that shirt when his hands stopped me and he pulled away from my chest to huskily say “when you said my name earlier, I almost died, I just need you to say my name again..just let me take care of you..” “Y/n” “right, y/n just let me make you say my name” I nodded as his long fingers worked on the buttons of my jeans, his lips softly touched mine as his slid down my jeans and later on my panties the cold air of the storage room made me shiver and he lifted me up on a pile of boxes and kneeled infront of me. I’m not gonna lie, I was nervous about the lip ring but I wasn’t gonna turn this down. His large hands wrapped around my thighs and opened my legs wider, as he took in the sight infront of him he licked his lips, looked up at me and slowly licked up my core, I almost melted right there, my left hand flew to his hair while the other held my balance on the boxes. Within seconds he had two fingers In me as his mouth was sucking on my clit, muffled moans were escaping my mouth, the familiar feeling in my stomach started to build up as my legs started to shake and Luke knew what was happening I felt him smirk as he kissed the inside of my thigh and then moved his fingers faster, “say my name” he whispered in my ear kissing the spot behind my ear that gives me chills as his fingers keep pounding into me. “Fuck, L-Luke. I’m s-so close, Please Luke don’t stop” he bend down again and with one last lick up my core I was overboard my eyes rolled back and I grabbed Luke’s hair not caring if I ruined the perfect quiff, “oh my god Luke, yes oh god” as I came down from my high luke licked up ass the juices and kissed down my thigh then came back up and placed the softest most caring kiss on my lips and handed me my shirt to get dressed.


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i made a thing and i’m not sorry

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Sleepy Calum at the JFK airport +

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lilac michael x

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[HQS] 5 Seconds of Summer leaving a restaurant in West Hollywood - July 24, 2014

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